Plan today. Enjoy tomorrow.


At Synergy Advisory Group, our mission is to help you better understand, and then plan, for greater financial security. Our belief is that working with a professional financial advisor to pursue financial goals provides both better opportunities and greater financial rewards. 

Our Principal Securities, Inc. Investment Advisers Representatives Emmett Long, Brian Long, and Ken Gellerstedt bring a combined 50+ years of financial planning experience to provide the expertise needed to assist you in building your financial strategies now and in the future.

If you're searching for a financial advisor to help with any of the following personal or business financial planning services, you've come to the right place: 

  • Insurance    
  • Investments
  • Planning services
  • Individual retirement planning
  • Employer retirement plans
  • Business succession
  • Estate transfer
  • College Education

Let Synergy Advisory Group help you to PLAN TODAY to ENJOY TOMORROW.